Welcome To TyneLink

TyneLink is the home of four amateur radio repeaters that work across Newcastle, Gateshead and into the Tyne valley. Their range extends into Northumberland and even into parts of Cumbria.

The NOV holder, G7UUR, is now silent key. The respective NOVs are being passed to new owners. Therefore, very shortly, this site will be closed down.

About TyneLink

TyneLink is the website containing information about the four amateur radio repeaters on Tyneside and in the Tyne Valley. The repeaters are designed to cover much of the Tyne Valley from the area of Hexham down to the coast.

It’s not always possible to cover every part of the area due to the geography but you can find out the latest information about UK Repeaters from the Uk Repeater Website here; https://www.ukrepeater.net/

The four TyneLink repeaters use a technology called System Fusion. This allows a repeater to use the latest digital technology while remaining open to the more numerous analogue radios that can be bought for less than £50. The fusion technology is also referred to by the name C4FM – the digital encoding methodology. Fusion repeaters are capable of being linked together over the Internet via Wires-X. It is one of a number of amateur radio to Internet linking methods that also include DMR, EchoLink, and DStar.

Active Wires-X nodes can be found via this link; https://www.yaesu.com/jp/en/wires-x/id/id_eu.php

The four TyneLink repeaters are looked after by local radio amateurs who volunteer time to maintain the service. Like all voluntary projects, people are sometimes not available 24/7. Please bear that in mind.

TyneLink repeaters are licensed by the UK communications regulator Ofcom. Information about radio licensing is available there.


GB3NT Gateshead
Receive 433.000
Transmit 434.600
CTCSS 118.8
Analogue + Digital
GB3TJ Corbridge
Receive 433.300
Transmit 434.900
CTCSS 118.8
Analogue + Digital
GB3TW Gateshead
Receive 145.725
Transmit 145.125
CTCSS 118.8
Analogue + Digital
GB3HA Corbridge
Receive 145.750
Transmit 145.150
CTCSS 118.8
Analogue + Digital
GB3NT has been generously donated by the late Chris Herring G7AQY

GB3TW is supported via a generous loan from Lam Communications; http://www.hamradio-shop.co.uk/


Behind the Scenes

Some photos of TyneLink repeaters, the work to keep them going, and radio amateurs operating via the repeaters.

Installing one of our repeaters.
Equipment you might need to access a repeater.



TyneLink is entirely voluntary. There is no TyneLink Corporation, big money or millionaire behind the repeaters. Instead, we rely on donations. Donations are in the form of time, equipment, advice and money.

We have everyday costs of power, rent and the like. We also have the cost of internet linking, equipment, replacing equipment and so on.

Ways to donate.
  1. You can contact the repeater keeper directly about making a donation or about offering assistance to keep TyneLink running. Please contact the repeater keeper if you are considering a  donation, sponsorship, gift or equipment loan.
  2. You can donate in person. The officers of the Angel of the North Amateur Radio Club can accept donations on club nights.
  3. Donation via Paypal. (This will be via an ANARC club members’ personal account and it will be turned into a cash donation you can confirm the receipt of the donation via the repeater keeper).