TyneLink is entirely voluntary. There is no TyneLink Corporation, big money or millionaire behind the repeaters. Instead, we rely on donations. Donations are in the form of time, equipment, advice and money.

We have everyday costs of power, rent and the like. We also have the cost of internet linking, equipment, replacing equipment and so on.

Ways to donate.
  1. You can contact the repeater keeper directly about making a donation or about offering assistance to keep TyneLink running. Please contact the repeater keeper if you are considering a  donation, sponsorship, gift or equipment loan.
  2. You can donate in person. The officers of the Angel of the North Amateur Radio Club can accept donations on club nights.
  3. Donation via Paypal. (This will be via an ANARC club members’ personal account and it will be turned into a cash donation you can confirm the receipt of the donation via the repeater keeper).