About TyneLink

TyneLink is the website containing information about the four amateur radio repeaters on Tyneside and in the Tyne Valley. The repeaters are designed to cover much of the Tyne Valley from the area of Hexham down to the coast.

It’s not always possible to cover every part of the area due to the geography but you can find out the latest information about UK Repeaters from the Uk Repeater Website here; https://www.ukrepeater.net/

The four TyneLink repeaters use a technology called System Fusion. This allows a repeater to use the latest digital technology while remaining open to the more numerous analogue radios that can be bought for less than £50. The fusion technology is also referred to by the name C4FM – the digital encoding methodology. Fusion repeaters are capable of being linked together over the Internet via Wires-X. It is one of a number of amateur radio to Internet linking methods that also include DMR, EchoLink, and DStar.

Active Wires-X nodes can be found via this link; https://www.yaesu.com/jp/en/wires-x/id/id_eu.php

The four TyneLink repeaters are looked after by local radio amateurs who volunteer time to maintain the service. Like all voluntary projects, people are sometimes not available 24/7. Please bear that in mind.

TyneLink repeaters are licensed by the UK communications regulator Ofcom. Information about radio licensing is available there.